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Getting a copy of the Punt source code


All projects on SourceForge are required to make their source code publicly available. The Punt SVN page explains how to obtain a copy of the Punt source code via Anonymous SVN Access.



Developer access to Punt CVS


If you are a programmer who wants to help out with the Punt project, you're welcome to join us. Contact one of the Punt Project Administrators (listed on the Punt Summary page) to ask for Developer SVN Access. It would be good to have some experience with C#.Net and/or DirectX, as that is what Punt currently uses. Please introduce yourself, and confirm that you have read the list of policies below, and agree with them.

  1. Granting Developer SVN Access, or removing an individual's Developer SVN Access, is at the sole discretion of the Punt Project Administrators.

  2. Anyone who wants to contribute to Punt's development, and asks for Developer SVN Access, and has a skill set compatable with Punt's current and/or future development will be granted Developer SVN Access.

  3. People who request Developer SVN Access, and who are not known to the Punt Project Administrators or existing Punt Developers, may be asked to start by sending their SVN changes to one of the Developers for review, and then if that presents no issues, they would be granted Developer SVN Access.

  4. All Developers who contribute code to Punt, either directly via Developer SVN Access, or by sending code to another Developer for review and inclusion in Punt, will be asked to provide their full name (and if applicable, their IRC nickname) so that they can be listed in the Punt Credits.

  5. Developers who make use of code contributed by non-Punt developers are asked to inform the Punt Project Administrators of the full name of such contributors, so they can be included in the Punt Credits. Developers are responsible for ensuring that any such code can be legally used within the Punt project.

  6. Developers who have Developer SVN Access, and who are not actively participating in Punt development, may be asked by the Project Administrators if they wish to keep their Developer SVN Access, or have it removed. If someone is asked, and doesn't respond within a reasonable amount of time, the Project Administrators may then remove that person's Developer SVN Access.

  7. Other than for being inactive, Developer SVN Access will only be removed if the person is causing problems with the Punt Project's SVN.

  8. Commits to Punt's SVN HEAD must be "production quality code". As all the developers will be using HEAD to work from, we don't want "experimental code" to "break the build" and cause problems for other developers. If there is a need for some "experimental code" to be used/tested by others, bring the issue up with the other developers (e.g. in the Punt IRC channels). We may create a separate branch for the "experimental code", or simply make it available for download in a ZIP file.

  9. Before doing a SVN commit, developers are expected to have "fully tested" their changes. Please make sure to do both Debug and Release builds when testing. The most common problem that "breaks the build" is forgetting to commit a new file that you have added. The builds work fine on your system, but everyone else will have problems if the new file(s) don't get added to SVN.


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